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Easy Video Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Video content marketing for small businesses gives companies the opportunity to reach their customers in an accessible, natural way. Video content marketing is becoming more popular as businesses learn to be creative with the medium, and consumers find it an effective and compelling way to get information.

It may seem difficult to create a video, but the process is often very simple. Using digital technology, you can create engaging videos using inexpensive equipment and easy-to-use software. You can then share your video on your website and social media, spreading your message to a wider audience.

Video Content Marketing: The Evolution

We live in the age of YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular website, just behind Google. YouTube has become a popular place for people to engage with content and share their ideas. Pew Research estimates that 73% of U.S. adult users use YouTube. It’s more than Facebook which is used by 68 percent of U.S. adult users. This is also a larger market share than Instagram (35%), Pinterest (29%), or Twitter (24%). If you are a restaurateur looking to increase your customer base, YouTube may be a better option than other social media platforms. Your video marketing should be available on multiple platforms.

YouTube has a huge following, so online videos that are designed specifically for it will be more likely to generate engagement. Content that is too commercial in nature may not be successful, even if the goal of your content is to promote a product or service. YouTube users respond better to videos that are casual and creative. Keep your videos short. 1 to 2 minute is a good standard.

Video content marketing for small businesses is one of best ways to introduce new products and increase brand awareness. Analyze your video strategy periodically to create better-performing content in the future.

Benefits of Video Content Marketing for Small Businesses

The video market is growing at a faster rate than ever before, so it’s important for companies to adopt strategies that promote video. Cisco predicts that video will account for 82 per cent of consumer internet traffic in 2021. The power of visual media is helping small businesses to convert and retain customers.

Start with these Video Ideas

You can do almost anything with video content marketing for small businesses. Do not let the options overwhelm you. Keep it simple. Here are some ways to get started:

How to videos You can make videos that demonstrate how you create a product or service you sell. If you work in the restaurant business, you might film a cooking class with your chef. Your how-to video could be about lawn maintenance and care if you are a landscaping. How-to videos can help build brand awareness and boost organic growth.

Product demos : These videos give consumers an in-depth look at the product, and highlight its main benefits. You could, for example, film a tour of your production line or equipment to give you an advantage in the industry ,. This would show how you build a particular part or asset. You could also highlight any new products that you believe will be overlooked on store shelves.

Customer Testimonials: Your sales materials may leave your customers wondering if the promises you make are always true. Real people’s testimonials about your products or services can help you to create a more relatable and clear image of your business. Ask satisfied customers to record a testimonial. You can use the story to tell a unbiased account of how it is to work with your business on various marketing platforms.

FAQs : Using video to answer frequently asked questions allows you to be creative and fun while solving customer problems. A well-produced FAQ video will make your company look professional, and it will answer questions that your customers may or may not be asking.

Launching a video marketing program

Small business video marketing can be a powerful tool to grow and promote your business. Video is now more affordable than ever but it comes at a cost. Working capital loans are a great way to help businesses cover the costs associated with moving to video, without having to worry about complex long-term financing. Extra capital can be used for video equipment purchases, to hire a videographer or to pay for promotional activities.

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