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Hiring for Seasonal Businesses – How to Plan & Succeed

Every business larger than a small shop is concerned about hiring. It is important to find the right people for critical positions in order to keep your business running smoothly. It takes time and effort to hire qualified employees, but the results are worth it. Even more difficult is hiring seasonal workers. You need to hire high-quality employees for your business’s busiest periods, but this is only part of the time. How can you find qualified candidates, without having to offer work all year round or breaking the bank, without giving everyone a job?

In order to find the right seasonal staff, you can use a variety of different strategies. These steps will help you find reliable seasonal employees for your small company.

Be proactive about seasonal hiring

Before you spend long hours in the office getting ready for busy season, it’s easier to hire seasonal staff and find new employees. Find new employees as soon as possible. Schedule time in your calendar for reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, and filtering through potential new employees.

Do not delay hiring because you have other obligations. This will only make things harder in the future. In fact stated that employees must be hired and trained before the busy season begins. Early hiring helps to ensure that you have the right people in place for every job.

Leverage existing resources and networks

Ask if you can hire them again if they were a good fit in the past. This can help you quickly fill key roles with employees who know your business inside out. Business Knowledge suggests that you can contact former full-time employees who left with good terms.

You may be able access local workers depending on when your busy season is. Students from high schools and colleges have set vacation periods every year. Post job openings on approved locations, either online or in physical schools. Contact the administrators and ask them if they know of any career centers or programs that can help you find a job.

Asking current employees if they know of any family members or friends that they feel would fit in well is a great idea. Remember to let them know that a recommendation is not a guarantee for a job. You can also contact other local businesses who hire seasonal staff at a different schedule than yours.

Highlight the benefits of the position

Do you pay more for seasonal work than other positions? Employee discounts and deals are available? Do you provide training and experience that will help them develop their career? Can high-performing seasonal employees move into permanent roles?

When you create your ad to hire seasonal employees, highlight the benefits that come with the job. Highlight the benefits of working for you, along with descriptions about the required duties and desired skill sets.

Often, additional funds are needed to hire seasonal staff or scale up operations during the busiest weeks and months. QuickBridge is able to help seasonal businesses like yours get funding so they can make the most out of their busiest periods of the year. Contact our team to learn more.


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