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How to engage customers online

When you are limited in resources, it can be difficult to reach out to customers online. By creating a low risk cash flow, a strategic approach can help you overcome financial obstacles.

Working capital loans can help you overcome obstacles to interacting with your customers online. Working capital loans can be used to:

Hire a specialist in social media to manage your channels.
Upgrade your content management system to and improve your website.
* Improve the performance of your website by investing in its backend.
You can hire consultants to improve your online brand.
* Fill in cash flow gaps after marketing investments and while waiting for the returns.

You can use short-term loans to remove obstacles from your online marketing plan. It’s now time to take action to engage your customers online. Here are seven strategies that work:

1. Run Social Contests

You can engage your customers by running a social media contest. Offer them a prize for engaging with your content. You can either ask contestants to attend a specific event, or you can time the contest so that customers feel compelled to participate. Either way, offering an incentive and creating a fun environment can encourage customers to engage with your company.

Social contests aren’t just about generating new leads or interacting with customers. Social contests allow you to target different customer types that want to take part in promotions. According to a study by Eventbrite, 78 percent prefer spending money on an experience over a tangible product. A contest that is engaging and provides a great user experience will encourage younger consumers to invest their money in your marketing efforts.

You could, for example, consider promoting a social media campaign to promote a charitable giving event. You can increase brand awareness and engage your customers by offering an award for the top donor.

2. Create LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups

By creating groups in Facebook and LinkedIn, you can create opportunities to engage with current and potential clients. Facebook and LinkedIn groups are places where people who share similar interests can interact with each other. A roofing contractor, for example, may create a Facebook Group where people can ask questions about the replacement of a roof. Contractors could answer specific questions and members of the group can discuss their concerns.

By removing the focus from direct sales, these natural conversations can help you engage your customers online. They also show that your company cares for its customers.

3. Review Your Reputation

ReviewTrackers reports that more than 63 per cent of consumers read reviews before visiting a company. More than half of consumers are expecting a response within a week to a bad review. You’re losing out on an opportunity to engage your customers online if you don’t manage your online reviews.

Encourage customers to leave reviews of your products and service online. Respond to reviews. If possible, respond with an original response and not a generic post. It takes time and effort to collect and respond to customer reviews, but it can make the difference between success and failure for a business.

4. Hosting Google Hangouts Webinars

Google Hangouts or webinars allow you to interact with a targeted audience. You might want to host a Q&A about a service that you are launching. You can do this through a Google Hangouts text chat or a Google Hangouts webinar. Google Hangouts, and webinars provide a simple way for your customers to engage with you and for you to engage them online.

5. Leverage content marketing

Online, consumers do extensive research on products and services. By providing informational resources on your website and thought leadership, you can build trust with consumers. Imagine a client who wants to replace their kitchen but wants to know the process. While they are researching, they discover that you have blog posts, videos and other useful content to help them understand the project. They’ll be familiar with your brand and trust your expertise when it comes to making a purchase.

Content is a great way to engage your customers online and bring them organically to your website. The goal of social media contests and groups, as well as Google Hangouts is to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

6. Engage in social media with comments and messages

A social media presence is not enough. It’s important to interact with your customers who reach out through social media. Active comments and messages create a sense of community that leads to further discussions. It is important to be active online. The rewards that come from online relationship-building can be invaluable.

7. Celebrate Together

Have you reached 1000 followers on LinkedIn recently? Did you set a sales record? Engage with your customers online when your company achieves milestones and let them know they have contributed to your success. Celebrating your success and that of your customers is a good way to increase loyalty and build a strong relationship.

Prioritizing online marketing with Working Capital

You can engage your customers online with these strategies and working capital. Working capital loans are available to help you optimize your website, hire marketing specialists, and invest in social networking initiatives. QuickBridge cares about your success. Our small-business loans have flexible terms and are easy to apply. Contact us today to get started.

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