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Five Best Resources for Small Business Women Entrepreneurs

This is a good time to discuss resources for small women-owned businesses. The 22nd of September is American Business Women’s Day. October is National Women’s Small Business Month. Both events honor the achievements of women in the business world.

Women are doing great things at work. However, gender inequality persists. Women-owned small business resources can help level the playing fields. Five valuable resources are available to women who own their small businesses.

1. Funding

Women-owned businesses can benefit from strategic financing opportunities. Alternative lenders offer short-term funding that can be provided in just a matter of days. These loans are great for when you’re in need of cash to solve a financial problem or seize an exciting opportunity. U.S. Small Business Administration’s dedicated division supports women-owned business. The agency has a matching tool as well as loan programs for women-owned businesses.

2. Mentoring

Relationships can be vital in gaining professional opportunities. Mentors are able to help you grow your business by helping you build skills and connecting you with opportunities. Mentors are therefore a valuable resource for women-owned business. A trusted advisor can help you identify your strengths, answer important questions and connect you with growth opportunities. Attending industry events and networking can also help you find potential mentors.

3. Grants

Grants can help you grow your business. Grants are a great way to access funding for women-owned businesses. Some grant options include:


This government website serves as a grant database. Search through the many grant options available to find those that are relevant to your company. This is a good place to learn about the different grants that you can use to help your business.

The Girlboss Foundation

This biannual grant is designed for female entrepreneurs and awards $15,000 to the recipients. The application for the grant is not easy. The foundation does not only check to see if you qualify for the grant. The foundation also collects information to promote its grant. The grant is more than just funding. The grant can lead to positive exposure.


The National Association for the Self-Employed offers $4,000 in grants for small business owners. Since 2006, the growth grant program is in place. The application will show the applicant’s plan for growth. The applicant must be able to demonstrate how the grant will help them reach their goals.

Grants can be a great source of financial support for small businesses owned by women. You may have to go through a few hoops to apply, but you will receive funds you do not have to repay.

4. Government Programs

Many government agencies offer grants to women-owned businesses. It is easier for small women-owned businesses to compete with the SBA’s Federal Contracting Program. Many local governments have created Chambers of Commerce specifically for women-owned business. There are many opportunities to build relationships or gain access to resources.

5. Education Programs

The U.S. Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs has an Academy for Women Entrepreneurs that helps women gain knowledge and expertise. Many academic institutions offer grants and scholarships to female entrepreneurs. There are many industry associations dedicated to women small business owners that offer educational opportunities or hold events.

Resources For Women-Owned Businesses

Many sources offer resources for women-owned businesses. You have many options, whether you want a loan for a business opportunity that will help you grow or you would like to meet a mentor. QuickBridge will help you to access funding for your business. Our goal is to provide small-business loans that fit our clients’ needs.

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