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Should Your Small Company Have a 5-Year Growth Plan?

Plan for the future to steer your business into the right direction. A five-year plan for business growth is used by both new and established companies. This helps to maintain order and focus as the company moves forward. Your plan can be used to guide your decision-making. It can also help you remember long-term objectives that are often forgotten during the day-today chaos.

We’ll look at how you can create a five-year plan for your business and make it as beneficial as possible.

How can I start building my five-year business growth plan?

Idealistically, you should have created a five-year plan for your business before opening the doors. You have periodically reviewed and updated this document over the years. Do not be discouraged if your business plan hasn’t been updated or if it was never created. The best time to begin is now. It will be worth it to take the time to develop your plan.

How to Create a Plan

A five-year growth plan requires a thorough understanding of the current state and goals of your business. The business mentorship network SCORE has outlined a six-step process:

1. Evaluate the current state of your business.
2. Set business goals that you can achieve in the future.
3. Set your own goals for the same time period.
4. Create a plan that bridges your present and future goals.
5. Select metrics to track progress over time.
6. Every six months, review the plan and metrics. If necessary, update goals.

This kind of framework helps you create a solid plan and then follow it through. To make your plan effective, you need to start early and review it regularly.

Tips to Create a Five-Year Growth Plan for Your Business

You can fine-tune your plan once you have a solid understanding of the steps to building a practical, useful growth plan.

Select a specific strategy for growth

No matter what your market or industry, more sales will help you grow. What is the best way to increase your purchasing? Darren Dahl, Inc.’s columnist, highlighted a number of intensive growth strategies. Each strategy carries a greater risk than the others. As you choose, keep this in mind. Here are a few possibilities for your company:

* Market penetration: Selling additional products or services to existing customers.
* Market Development: Exploring new markets in order to reach out to more customers.
* Alternative channels Find more ways to sell what you have, such as through your website.

Create a executive summary

If you want to share your business plan for the next five years, an executive summary will be essential. An executive summary is useful if you’re looking for a lawyer to review your plan or a mentor who can give them a general overview before they dive into the details.

Find a Lending Partners to Fuel Business Growth

It can help your business develop operations thoughtfully and with care. This plan can turn a hobby into a profitable business. In order to fuel that growth, you will need to inject some funding.

QuickBridge helps small businesses get the funding needed for a successful development. We are here to assist you in obtaining the funds necessary to execute a growth strategy. Contact us to learn more.


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