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Five Tips to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy for the New Year

Content marketing is a well-established practice. Content marketing is used by businesses to increase sales, engage their customers and drive traffic to the website. Content marketing is gaining in popularity, and with it comes increased competition. It’s easier than you think to boost your content marketing strategy. Business Marketing Loans are a great way to improve your marketing and implement content marketing strategies. Check out these five tips to boost your content marketing strategy for the new year.

1. Analysis of data, adjustments, and marketing goals

Analyze your results and current marketing efforts before changing your technique. Determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can then decide what changes you need to make in order to improve your strategy. You may be not generating enough leads, and you may want to reach a larger audience.

You may have made a resolution for 2019 to go back to the gym, or to eat better. How about a resolution based on your career for 2019? Make a list to help you improve your marketing plan.

2. You can influence your audience by identifying them.

No single marketing strategy will work for all users. You need to know who your target audience is, and how you can reach them. Determining your target audience will help you to develop your marketing strategy, including social media tactics for business and content creation. Content that is targeted should answer customers’ questions or help them overcome a particular problem.

You probably already know who your target market is if you’ve been doing business for some time. You can target specific demographics based on location, age, gender, income and occupation. You can also think about the characteristics of your ideal consumer.

* Values
* Attitudes
* Behaviours

Check out the marketing strategies of your competitors if you’re not sure who your ideal customer is. You’ll be able to better align your content marketing strategy with your customer’s interests once you have identified your target audience.

3. Take Social Media Actively

A Social Media Examiner study found that 96 percent of small-business owners use social media. However, only 92 percent are certain it is important to their business. Social media can boost content marketing results. However, some small business owners are unaware of this. Social media is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

You should create a strategy for social media if you haven’t done so already. Start by figuring out how to improve your social media channels in order to retain and attract customers. It is as easy as scheduling social media posts daily to boost your content marketing strategy. It could be complex, such as tracking the reach of each post and looking for buzzwords. You decide what you will do to boost your social media presence.

4. Change the content for different stages of your sales funnel

Make your Video Viral

You’ll see a lot of videos in your Facebook newsfeed if you haven’t done so recently. Video content can be a powerful way to enhance your content marketing strategy. It also gives companies the opportunity to reach their customers in an accessible, natural way. Make videos about your products, customers, or other insights. Keep your videos short – 1 to 2 minute is a good standard.

Cyberclick says that the format you use to present your videos is just as important as their content. We are tempted to make vertical videos when we use smartphones or tablets. Videos in square format are more engaging and occupy 78 percent of the space in Facebook News. Use additional features to increase your views and recognition, such as adding closed captions. Consider using small-business loans as a way to offset the costs of purchasing video and production equipment.

How to use Premium/Gated assets

Downloadable assets are better suited to consumers who are nearing the purchasing stage. These assets could be eBooks or White Papers that require readers to enter their contact details in order to download. They could also be presented as free consultations or product demos. Premium assets and gated content can encourage users to decide to use your product instead of just considering it. You can also capture contact information for nurturing those leads.

5. Drive Your Data

Content marketing is not only about creating content. Using data to boost your strategies for content marketing is equally important. Consider A/B-testing strategies. A/B testing involves comparing two versions of the same variable in order to determine which is most effective. It could take a few weeks, or even a few months. A/B tests can be used to improve your website’s conversion rate and the effectiveness of marketing communications. A/B Testing software can be purchased with working capital.

You can use small business loans to propel growth

It’s time to start implementing your ideas. Content marketing may require additional cash. You can boost your content marketing strategy by using capital from a small-business loan.

Investing in social media and pay-per click campaigns is a great way to increase your ROI.
You can hire marketing and content specialists.
* Promote your business in media that are specific to the industry.
Email and direct mail are effective marketing tools.
* Invest in content marketing platforms.

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